What kind of risks is your company willing to take and able to accept financially? How severe is the potential damage and how serious would the consequences for your business be? Are there elements of a certain risk that you would like an insurance company to cover? At Riskonet we help you answer these questions and represent your interests with insurance companies.

In dealing with risks, organisations have a choice between two extremes:

  • Investing extensively in maximum safety and assuming financial responsibility for certain risks
  • Investing minimally in safety due to limited risks or potential damage, with an optimal insurance level

This shows that asset risk management is a matter of weighing your options carefully and making sensible choices. Choices that are based on your organisation’s strategy and risk management policy can work out in various ways.

What can Riskonet do for you?
Riskonet analyses the relevant risk information and contrasts it with your insurance policy. Our experts look for overlaps, redundancies and ambiguities. In addition, Riskonet can act as a spokesperson with your insurance company, ensuring smooth communications and flow of information.

Planning and reporting to insurers

The importance of this flow of information can hardly be overestimated. Handing over your risk analyses to insurers calls for good planning and communication of activities. Both the risks and the investments necessary to reduce them should be clearly defined. When a calamity does occur it is important to have a well-founded argument/proof of investments as well as precautionary measures to avoid exclusion from insurance coverage.

Riskonet offers our expertise in managing the relationship with your insurers. Our services in this area also include an experienced evaluation of proposals from insurers. Recognising significant details – the small print – can prevent a lot of trouble.

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