Businesses are usually familiar with their asset-related risks but are sometimes less informed about their operational risks. What about the risks and consequences of loss of profit on the organisation’s operation and continuity? What is your organisation’s position with regard to liability issues?

We advise organisations to consider their operational risks, including business risks and liability issues, in combination with such matters as occupational safety, fire safety and contract management. By applying an integrated approach, our professionals consider not only the question of which risks want to accept but also the ones you canaccept. What kinds of events and damages will lead a lender to lose confidence in a company? The board members of a listed company will have to consider which events could affect their stock prices.

This is a question of awareness and taking careful consideration of the options available. Riskonet would be pleased to support your organisation in determining the financial consequences of such issues as loss of profit and liability risks. You may also trust our experience in strategic and operational risk assessments for organisations in a wide range of sectors.

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