‘Environment, Health & Safety’ (EHS) has been an important consideration for a large number of enterprises for many years. Compliance with laws and regulations – especially for activities with risks to people and the environment – can be a hard organisational nut to crack. Riskonet provides assistance for companies that are obliged to comply with EHS regulations.

To meet the strict requirements in the areas of environment, health and safety is not always straightforward for every organisation. Companies are confronted with specific demands from financiers, such as banks and investors, on a regular basis. Specifically with government-funded bodies, such as the International Finance Corporation and the European Investment Bank – offering attractive interest rate conditions – strict obligations exists in order to comply with the highest standards.

What can Riskonet do for you?
Riskonet performs due diligence assessments for organisations looking into acquisition. We also carry out due diligence for banks and other financiers in order to assess an organisation’s business practices and compliance with EHS standards, especially in case of IFC/EIB funding. As it is not always easy for organisations to meet these standards, Riskonet issues EHS advice.

Due diligence for project funding

Riskonet operates in this area mostly in East-European countries and in Turkey. Riskonet performs due diligence assessments for Turkey’s three most important banks. In various countries in Eastern Europe we work on similar compliance and funding issues. Enterprises that wish to partner enterprises in countries where Riskonet is active, are considering an acquisition or want to establish their own production or logistics company come to Riskonet to assess their EHS standards.

EHS assessments go beyond compliance with laws and regulations and funding requirements. A spotless EHS profile is essential in preventing disasters and avoiding international reputational damage. For the same reasons – namely to attain and maintain a good ‘track record’ in environmental matters, for example – companies recruit Riskonet to conduct EHS assessments of their suppliers.

In situations such as these, Riskonet is your trusted risk management specialist, helping you to attain a higher EHS level.

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