To what extent are organisations willing to ’accept’ risks? And against which components of these risks would you like your company to be insured? A financial and strategic decision; this is the core of a sound risk management policy. Riskonet helps your company to set up a risk management policy that is in line with your corporate strategy.

Did you know only a tenth of all organisations in Europe have invested in a proper risk management policy? A plan with complete coverage, based on a thorough assessment of the opportunities and risks, costs and choices is a rarity. Even then, there is often no strategy on how to approach risks or how to completely or partially reduce and/or insure against them.

Safety: ‘prescriptive-based’?

Because safety is prescriptive, and laws and regulations, as well as the wishes of insurance companies, are non-negotiable, companies tend to turn a blind eye to the creation of a good safety policy. Generally speaking, organisations follow standard norms and do their best to operate within these parameters.

What can Riskonet do for you?
Riskonet can help you to create a sound policy that will allow you to actively steer your own course and go from ‘prescriptive-based’ to ‘performance-based’.

More specifically, Riskonet creates corporate risk policies for organisations and can implement these in any of your locations. Moreover, Riskonet takes care of coordination with stakeholders, clients, suppliers, authorities and insurance companies.

Picturing scenarios

In the first place, we establish an inventory of your company’s assets. This is followed by an exploration of the risks and the extent of potential damage. We think of any possible scenario, albeit in a realistic manner, whilst bearing in mind the nature of your product and production processes as well as logistical issues that might contribute to the risks. Every type of scenario – whether it concerns engineering, technique or organisation – will be taken into consideration.

This process of mapping the situation and developing a policy – naturally in close consultation with you – expressly requires us not think in terms of solutions. Whereas construction companies or sub-specialised professionals often think in (hardware) solutions and systems, Riskonet tries to avoid that approach when developing a risk policy. Our approach is to first create an overall picture, and then develop a sensible policy. Only after the creation of a sensible policy can decisions be made about whether – or not – to invest in solutions.

Risk management policy addresses the following questions:

  • What are your goals?
  • What are your risks?
  • How can these risks be reduced?
  • How do we ensure continual quality?

Riskonet helps you develop and monitor your risk management policies, so that you are ‘in control’ of a situation and can steer your own course. By ensuring that regulations are adapted to their corporate processes, organisations that take the reins can be masters of their own future.

Maintenance of risk management policies

A risk management policy will require regular check-ups. This is especially true for companies that are constantly evolving. Riskonet maintenance service regularly tests practice against policy and vice versa. New business branches may have been developed or regulations may have changed over time. If this has implications for previously assessed risks, then this ought to be recognised in a timely manner.

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