We believe that only a customised, professional approach to asset protection will yield an effective asset risk management policy. At Riskonet, this is the approach we take when we develop a comprehensive risk management strategy for your assets.

You can choose to have a fire safety company install smoke detectors and sprinkler systems to quickly detect and combat fires. It is also possible to hire sub-specialised professionals to offer you advice regarding power blackouts or to enhance the safety of buildings, installations and people.

What can Riskonet do for you?
Riskonet provides a helicopter view of safety management. We do not think in terms of ad hoc answers but analyse your situation as a whole. Our experts offer customised solutions based on an in-depth understanding of your organisation. We believe in real asset management, paying attention to all the factors, rather than simple fire safety measures, for example, that are solely based on building regulations and insurance requirements. That is Riskonet’s customised asset risk management: an overarching, sensible perspective on risks and safety.

Additionally, our Riskonet experts can act quickly. Is your company on the verge of investing in a new building? Riskonet is able to promptly provide you with a due diligence assessment of the state of the building. Due diligence includes the most important risks and liabilities and can have either a narrow or a broad scope.

Case study: flood risk analysis

Riskonet provided a flood risk analysis for a client who was considering investing in a shopping centre that bordered on a river. The report included an analysis of the chances of a flood, as well as the extent of the potential damage. It proved that the chance of a flood was small, the potential damage minimal and the insurer would easily cover the risk. The result of our analysis thus helped the client in his decision to invest in the building.

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