Many national and international organisations do not have a comprehensive picture of their business risks. Riskonet’s integrated approach to risk management ensures a broad understanding of both asset-related and other potential risks: the kind of approach that will lead to more insights and ultimately better results.

A flawless safety policy remains an elusive concept for most organisations. In the process of identifying and insuring risks, decision makers often focus on two things: compliance with laws and regulations and compliance with the wishes of the insurance company.

Better insight and understanding

Opportunities are easily missed when there is a lack of insight and understanding. When risks remain unidentified or ill-defined, being ‘in control’ of a situation is out of the question. Moreover, it is very likely that the risk of damage is present and that regulations are ineffective or responsibilities unclear. Investment in a fire safety policy or a fire detection system may be either over the top or substandard. Insurance coverage could be inadequate or too generous.

The lack of a comprehensive assessment and an inappropriate risk culture, can lead to:

  • Damage to corporate processes and activities, with possibly severe consequences leading to an organisational collapse
  • Reputational damage, especially when predicted risks become reality

What can Riskonet do for you?
Riskonet provides broad and comprehensive risk assessments, specific to any of your locations. Our consultants evaluate corporate policies for each location. We then contrast and compare the different risk-related departments, such as Environment, Health & Safety (EHS), insurance, security, and supply chain within your organisation. Finally, Riskonet links your strategic and operational goals to a well-founded risk management strategy.

An overarching approach to risks and your organisation

Our Riskonet business consultants adopt the broadest possible broad perspective when identifying the potential risks to your organisation’s assets: the risk of fires, floods, natural disasters, loss of suppliers and any other conceivable disruptions  including operational risks such as business interruptions and liability issues. For many organisations, this picture is incomplete. For one thing, responsibilities within an organisation are often held by more than one department.

Our professionals at Riskonet provide you with both the insights and the comprehensive understanding of your situation that will allow you to make responsible decisions regarding risk management. In addition to our recommendations, we could also assist you in setting up and optimising the position of risk & insurance manager, supporting and developing this position, and even filling this position on an interim or part-time basis.

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