Riskonet operates in eleven areas
of asset risk management

Business consultancy

Many national and international organisations do not have a comprehensive picture of their business risks. Riskonet’s integrated approach to risk management ensures a broad understanding of both asset-related and other potential risks: the kind of approach that will lead to more insights and ultimately better results. Read more

Risk management

To what extent are organisations willing to ’accept’ risks? And against which components of these risks would you like your company to be insured? A financial and strategic decision; this is the core of a sound risk management policy. Riskonet helps your company to set up a risk management policy that is in line with your corporate strategy. Read more

Protection of assets

We believe that only a customised, professional approach to asset protection will yield an effective asset risk management policy. At Riskonet, this is the approach we take when we develop a comprehensive risk management strategy for your assets. Read more

Environment, Health & Safety

‘Environment, Health & Safety’ (EHS) has been an important consideration for a large number of enterprises for many years. Compliance with laws and regulations – especially for activities with risks to people and the environment – can be a hard organisational nut to crack. Riskonet provides assistance for companies that are obliged to comply with EHS regulations. Read more


What kind of risks is your company willing to take and able to accept financially? How severe is the potential damage and how serious would the consequences for your business be? Are there elements of a certain risk that you would like an insurance company to cover? At Riskonet we help you answer these questions and represent your interests with insurance companies. Read more

Engineering consultancy

A safety investment only proves its worth when a calamity actually occurs. But how do you make sure the work of your construction workers or suppliers is in any event up to scratch? Riskonet is here for you as well. You can trust us to keep a close eye on all your construction and engineering projects. Read more

Liability Risks

Businesses are usually familiar with their asset-related risks but are sometimes less informed about their operational risks. What about the risks and consequences of loss of profit on the organisation’s operation and continuity? What is your organisation’s position with regard to liability issues? Read more

International consultation network

Despite the fact that governments push for international safety standards, the regulations and safety requirements for engineering projects differ from country to country. As an organisation, you cannot assume that the laws and regulations in another European country are similar to those in your own. Managing risks and developing a risk management plan can therefore prove to be difficult. Read more

Risk software

Riskonet Africa offers its clients a data-centric, risk-management self-assessment tool through easily accessible, cloud-based software. This powerful self-assessment tool supports the full internal audit life cycle (planning, execution, reporting, monitoring, follow-up audits). It is fully in line with the relevant legislative and insurance-bearer requirements, as well as best-practice standards. It also facilitates the tracking of audit findings. Read more

Predictive maintenance

The aims of predictive maintenance (PdM) are firstly to predict when equipment might fail, then, secondly, to prevent the failure by carrying out maintenance. Monitoring for future failure allows maintenance to be planned before a failure occurs. Obviously, well-performed predictive maintenance has a positive effect on an organisation’s risk-management performance. Read more

Risk-finance optimisation

Organisations are continuously seeking ways to optimise their risk portfolio. Riskonet Africa provides a diverse range of risk-finance consulting solutions. Financial and operational risk analyses enable clients to exploit opportunities to enhance risk-mitigation programmes and thus optimise their risk-financing policies across the business. Read more

NFPA and other organisations

At Riskonet we contribute to the development of knowledge and expertise in the field of asset risk management. Riskonet is the European and African partner of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). The NFPA is an American non-profit organisation that aims to reduce the risk of fire and other hazards through scientific research, guidelines and education. With nearly 80,000 members, it is the largest organisation committed to fire safety in the world. Many companies and insurers work according to NFPA’s guidelines. Read more