A first for Riskonet – first NFPA sprinkler training course in South Africa

A first for Riskonet – in conjunction with NFPA, Riskonet will soon be offering a five-day training course on the NFPA 13 standard in Johannesburg, South Africa. “The training course will attend to a huge demand in southern Africa”, said Tom de Nooij, the experienced Riskonet trainer who will be running the training course.

06 August

How do you design and install good and safe sprinkler systems? Until now, anyone who wanted to know all the ins and outs could only attend an official NFPA training course in the US or Europe. This is about to change, partly because Riskonet now also has an office in South Africa. Anyone who is involved with the design, installation and testing of sprinkler systems can register for the intensive five-day NFPA training course to be held in Johannesburg from 16 to 20 September.

First training course in Africa

“As an official NFPA partner, we are proud to be providing the first official NFPA training course in this field on the African continent”, said De Nooij, who has been personally involved with the development of the NFPA’s codes and standards. De Nooij, who is an internationally recognised expert in the field of NFPA standards and sprinkler systems, expects considerable interest in the course, which will end with an examination. “Together with our South African experts Chris Brits and Janet Short, we see a need for this throughout the entire region, so also in Mauritius, for instance, and in neighbouring countries such as Mozambique and other regions of Sub-Saharan Africa.”

Target audience
According to De Nooij, interest for this training course can not only be seen in technical design and installation firms. “This training course is also highly recommended for employees and managers from fire fighting organisations, inspection bodies, certification institutions, plan assessors, designers, installers, insurance companies, risk consultants and risk management firms.” De Nooij also believes that a greater knowledge, understanding and overview on the side of developers can help foster confidence in fire protection measures among insurance companies. The training course has been set up in such a way that it will benefit participants who only have a basic knowledge and highly experienced participants.

Content of the training course

The training course gives participants an idea about the organisation and requirements of NFPA 13, they will learn how to determine the hazard classification for business premises and it will update them on the requirements set by NFPA for the various elements of sprinkler systems. Furthermore, the course deals with various types of sprinkler systems and their operation, as well as the installation requirements for different types of sprinklers. Finally, participants will learn to set requirements for the system design and the installation products to be supplied.

High expectations

De Nooij has high expectations for the benefits that will be gained from the training course in South Africa. “After following the course, you will be completely up to speed in this field. You will be able to develop and install better systems, in the sense that the systems will be geared to the organisation’s processes instead of the organisation having to adapt to the limitations of the sprinkler system. In my opinion, this is a significant point to consider. We often see that sprinkler systems in buildings are only moderately tailored to the actual activities that take place in the space and the goods stored there. Participants will acquire knowledge on this NFPA 13 training course that will enable them to better tailor systems to the actual situation, with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.”

The training course

The internationally recognised sprinkler training course is being organised in close cooperation with NFPA, the authority in the field of fire prevention that is recognised and accepted throughout the world. NFPA standards are generally accepted and applied all over the world.

Participants who pass the examination will receive a certificate of their educational achievement which confirms the knowledge acquired on the course.


The training course will be held in Johannesburg between 16-20 September. Would you like to reserve a place on this training course? Visit the website www.nfpa.eu and complete the registration form. We recommend that you register as soon as possible, as places are limited.

For more information, please contact Janet Short, Operations Manager Riskonet Africa and Mauritius.
T: +27 73 013 0168
E: janet.short@riskonet.com


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