Correctly installed sprinkler systems reduce both damage and loss of life in building fires by up to 67 percent. This seminar will effectively illustrate the concepts and requirements for automatic sprinkler systems and how they apply to specific hazards.


Riskonet, in association with NFPA, hosts an official NFPA sprinkler engineering training in South Africa. Previously the training was only available in the US and Europe. The training will be led by the same professional NFPA lecturer used in Europe, Tom de Nooij.

Who should attend

All fire engineers, inspection authorities, certification bodies, plan reviewers, designers, installers, inspectors, insurers, risk consultants and risk managers who want to learn more about the NFPA 13, the latest industry developments and practices. This interactive seminar will bring you up to speed on the latest edition and changes to NFPA 13.

At the end of the seminar you will be able to:

  • Define the organization of NFPA 13 and its general requirements
  • Ascertain the hazard classification for an occupancy
  • Identify and discuss the requirements for various sprinkler system components
  • Recognize the different types of sprinkler systems and be familiar with their operation
  • Establish installation requirements for the various types of sprinklers
  • Determine the requirements for system design and installation deliverables

And much more. Read all about the training on the NFPA-site.

About the trainer

Tom de Nooij has participated in international forums and contributed to the development of NFPA codes and standards and is an internationally recognized subject matter expert.

Earn Your Certificate

Passing the exam will earn your Certificate of Educational Achievement, confirming your course knowledge.

To book your place at this seminar, visit the website and complete the registration form. We encourage you to register at your earliest convenience as the number of seats is limited.

More information

For more information, please contact Janet Short, Operations Manager Riskonet Africa and Mauritius.

T: +27 73 013 0168