Riskonet analyses risks and provides thorough and sound advice regarding these risks and the extent of potential damage. We advise on risk reduction investments to prevent or limit damage.

Our experts have years of experience as consultants. They are observant and pragmatic with a well-developed sense for business economics. They have an instinct for always finding solutions and possibilities. Riskonet translates and gathers these principles and their practical application in a Principles Document (PD) as well as a Requirements Programme, which serve as the starting point for the development of a leading risk policy.

(Fire) risk reduction proposals

At Riskonet, decisions are not made overnight. Our experts want to have a thorough understanding of your organisation before proposing a suitable (fire) risk reduction system. Riskonet looks at projects in the long term and considers influences of the law, your customers and your insurer.

Knowing the risks before acquisition: PARA

A specific analysis that Riskonet conducts is the ‘Pre-Acquisition Risk Assessment’ (PARA). With this assessment Riskonet advises customers who are considering the acquisition of certain objects on the current safety and the risks. For clients who are about to start a construction project, a similar service called the ‘Pre-Construction Risk Assessment’ (PCRA) is offered.

Consultancy could also mean training and the transfer of knowledge. To this end, Riskonet actively contributes by giving workshops and seminars. We also teach at educational institutions.