Özlem Emgen, Riskonet’s expert in Turkey

01 November

“Risk management serves businesses and banks”


Riskonet has an international network of risk management professionals. Özlem Emgen – place of work: Istanbul – is one of them. Project Finance Institutions make extensive use of her expertise in risk management.

Partnership with Iranian company after lifting of sanctions

18 October

Riskonet safety expertise to benefit Iranian oil refinery


Since all economic sanctions against Iran were lifted in 2016, trade with Europe has increased tremendously. It is still not a ‘business as usual’ scenario, but the door to Iran is now wide open. This includes for Risk Management services, which Riskonet and the Iranian consultancy firm BamFarayand System can confirm. The two firms are working together in an extensive audit project for an Iranian petrochemical company.

The risk analysis – a basis for a sensible corporate policy

29 September

Does a risk analysis make any sense? This is not such an easy question to answer. In my view, investing in a risk analysis can pay for itself and strengthen business operations

The value of risk transparency

30 August

Knowledge is power, and this applies to a wide range of situations. It determines the relationship between warlords, it applies to divide-and-conquer politicians and it is certainly relevant for a variety of business situations. If you imagine the relationship between a company and its insurer as a ‘battle’ over the price of the premium and coverage, a company can decide to keep its cards close to its chest.

“The need for risk management with coordinated fire safety and security is increasing”

18 August

Ulrik Odén is Riskonet’s partner for Northern Europe. Odén operates from Sweden and with his company Oden & Oden he employs a remarkably broad perspective to risk management. “In the field of risk management, we will have to give increasing attention to pragmatic and well working continuity and security, while securing infrastructure, buildings and information. The overlap between these areas is increasing. In these times, we cannot turn a blind eye to the new risks.”

The predictive value of claims histories and company policies

15 August

The majority of Risk & Insurance managers in the Netherlands sees little predictive value in the claims histories of a company or sector for future claims. However, Tom de Nooij, managing partner at Riskonet, believes that generating better quality statistics using more data hugely supports the development of good company policy.

The Master Class in NFPA 13 & Storage

07 August

Become an expert in fire safety for warehousing and distribution

Would you like to acquire the latest insights into the installation of sprinkler systems? And would you like to put this expertise straight into practice at sites such as complex warehousing and distribution facilities?


The Master Class in NFPA 13 & Storage is a 5-day course that will make you an expert in the theory and effective application of an industry benchmark worldwide: the NFPA 13 Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems. This master class is provided by certified American and European NFPA instructors and concludes by issuing participants a certificate of educational achievement.


Dave Hazel and Ingrid Klein-Hendriks on legal support for risk management

11 July

“Identifying gaps between current regulations and insured practice”


Is your company sufficiently insured against fire and other risks? Consider the fact that an insurance policy can unwittingly exceed its expiration date. New laws and regulations may very well have ‘caught up’ with the insurance policy, resulting in insufficient coverage. Riskonet offers legal support to clients in order to identify any costly gaps between the insurance policy and the new reality. Dave Hazel, Managing Partner at Riskonet, talks to attorney Ingrid Klein-Hendriks about the tense relationship between theory and practice.

Climate change: synonymous with uninsurability?

30 June

Will the business community still be able to insure itself sufficiently against nature-related risks in the future? And, to take this one step further, will insurers still be willing to cover the consequences and risks of climate change? Ron de Bruijn, Managing Partner of Riskonet, explores the challenges and answers in this blog.

NFPA Sprinkler Seminar Krakow

22 June

In-depth understanding of NFPA standards


When Leszek Golachowski set the date for a 5-day NFPA seminar/training on sprinklers in Krakow (Poland), he was not really surprised that all seats were filled quickly. “There is a lot of interest in sprinklers in Poland and in other countries in the region. This course was long overdue, given the great need among companies in Poland to better understand the standards. I am glad that we at Riskonet Poland were able to jump in to address the needs.”