More accidents just waiting to happen?

11 May

A recent catastrophe in a shopping centre in Russia cost 64 people their lives. In 2012, 19 people died in a fiery inferno at The Villagio Mall in Doha, Qatar. “The question is where on earth the next accidents ‘just waiting to happen’ will take place”, desperately wonders Riskonet’s Ron de Bruijn – and a number of Riskonet experts with him.

Seminar: major changes in NFPA 13 in the making

23 April

There are major changes in the making to the NFPA fire safety standards. The NFPA standard 13, for instance, is being completely revised. For all those who work with this standard professionally, keeping up is a must, says Tom de Nooij, Managing Partner at Riskonet. De Nooij, also a Senior Instructor at NFPA, is therefore convinced that the NFPA seminar from 15 to 19 October in Rotterdam is an “opportunity not to be missed to catch up in detail on all the changes in a relatively short period of time”. Tom explains why in this blog.

“Protect yourself against the risks of 3D printing”

18 April

3D printing allows anyone to become an entrepreneur. Put your printed product online and before you know it, you have a flourishing business. Import companies are also becoming producers as they can now print products for themselves. However, what if your product is defective? “Few people realise that they are liable. You can and should protect yourself against these kinds of risks,” said risk and innovation consultant Peter Hartman from RiskFit Innovation.

Don’t get hijacked!

14 February

Effectiveness of sprinkler systems:

When designing and developing sprinkler systems, customers are often guided in the wrong direction by the installation company. Not that the installers are deliberately out to get them, says Jan Jongenelen (Riskonet). “You simply need to be aware that an installer is interested in more than just installing the most effective system. Have an independent third party write the specifications and check the installation work to ensure proper quality and effectiveness,” recommends Jan.

Obstacle for NFPA standards in Poland

04 February

Who is the Authority Having Jurisdiction?


In the world of NFPA, the term has an almost epic quality. The American standards often refer to ‘Authority Having Jurisdiction’ as the ‘jurisdiction’. However, such authority exists by no means in all countries. In Poland too, it is sometimes a case of searching for the party that has both the position and the knowledge and experience for this role, as our Polish Riskonet expert Leszek Golachowski explains here.

Riskonet’s new risk management expert, Gerrit Vink:

08 January

“Entrepreneurs should think more realistically about risks”


Entrepreneurship needs drive and the ability to recognise opportunities. Having ideas, breaking down barriers and chasing success – these are all part of entrepreneurship. But in 2018, Gerrit Vink believes that entrepreneurs also need to be aware of serious operational weaknesses if they want opportunities and success in the long term.

Fire safety starts with thinking like a ten-year-old

19 December

You might say that fire safety in organisations starts with following the rules. After all, the rules are there for a reason, aren’t they? And yet, compliance far from covers everything. This might seem like swearing in church, but those who keep faithfully to the rules and standards may unwittingly introduce risks in an organisation. And those who use common sense – or think like a ten-year-old, in other words – raise risk management in an organisation to a higher level.

Looking from above the compartments

04 December

The added value of taking an integrated view of risk

Companies are meticulous about looking at their risks. After all, they want to avoid prejudicing their operating result and do not want to endanger the continuity of the organisation. However, company directors unfortunately often look at various risks in isolation. An integrated approach leads to direct and indirect savings and a higher level of safety, concluded Ania Polak, insurance broker at Warschau and Leszek Golachowski for Riskonet Poland in this duo blog.

“Culture eats risk management for breakfast”

26 November

Tom de Nooij on safe thinking and working:

Organisations that invest time and money into risk management might as well save themselves the effort if they do not bring their employees along with them on their quest. “Culture eats risk management for breakfast”, says Tom de Nooij, managing partner at Riskonet. “Good intentions to work safely and avoid fires and other calamities are useless if there is an unsafe culture.”

Özlem Emgen, Riskonet’s expert in Turkey

01 November

“Risk management serves businesses and banks”


Riskonet has an international network of risk management professionals. Özlem Emgen – place of work: Istanbul – is one of them. Project Finance Institutions make extensive use of her expertise in risk management.