Three steps to safety

  1. Assessment & consultancy
  2. Implementation & Execution
  3. Maintenance & Optimisation

Assessment & consultancy

Riskonet analyses risks and provides thorough and sound advice regarding these risks and the extent of potential damage. We advise on risk reduction investments to prevent or limit damage.

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Implementation & Execution

After a thorough assessment we apply these principals in practice. Based on a Principles Document (PD) and Requirements Programme, we develop and implement a risk policy that is both workable and enforceable.

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Maintenance & Optimisation

Riskonet ensures that your risk policy and its practical application stay up-to-date with legislation and regulations, insurance requirements and strategic business developments.

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Riskonet stands for professionalism in asset risk management. We help companies identify risks. With the implementation of the appropriate safety measures we prevent disasters and limit potential damage. Furthermore, we support professional growth in the fields of asset risk management and the development of a healthy corporate organisational risk culture.

Business consultancy
Risk management
Protection of assets
Environment, Health & Safety
Engineering consultancy
International consultation network

International breakthrough for NFPA standards

NFPA standards have now gone international and have become the new standard

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Roundtable discussion with Matt Klaus

“Working on the internationalisation process of NFPA standards”

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Partnership with BAM Farayand Systems in Iran sealed

Professional advice on personal safety, workplace safety and the environment now available

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Schiphol Airport to construct new Pier A and terminal

Riskonet to develop starting points for sprinkler protection system

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Interview Jeroen van de Boogaard

CBRE Global Investors EMEA

“Riskonet informs us of the risks before acquisition”

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